We all have experienced that we often have financial issues in our life, though we follow the guidelines of our elders and make all possible efforts which help in the purgation of wealth and enhancing the financial situations in our lives. But after doing everything and following all the norms, we experience financial problems due to which the whole atmosphere in the house gets disrupts and with continuous financial issues our relationships and even our health hampers. If you are facing this situation then it’s high time that you take a step forward and think about your astrological aspects because the position of your stars and planets in your astrological chart may be the reason for the prolonged financial issues in your life.

In this article, we have come up with specific tips which will help you in clearing your debt and also come out of the financial crisis which you have been facing so far. If you follow the below-mentioned tips, then you will also gain wealth and have stability in your business and job so that you will a secured and wealthy life.

1. Women should be treated correctly:-

We might ignore this point by thinking that it is not essential and has nothing to be done with the wealth matters, but don’t forget that if you are treating all the female members of your family with respect, then Goddess Laxmi will be happy and bless you with wealth and prosperity.

2. Never choose the incorrect path for earning money:-

Money stays with them you work hard for it and never earn money by doing wrong activities, as the money you have earned from these ways will be more, but it will lack stability in your life.

3. Charity:-

We all have noticed that our elders do charity in their life, but we don’t follow their footsteps due to various reasons. Keep in mind that charity brings blessings and blessings can do wonders in your life. So inculcate a habit of doing charity or donating a certain amount of money every month from your earnings. If you are donating white color things, then Goddess Laxmi will be pleased and will bless you with wealth.

4. Appropriate place of Locker:-

You should always place your locker in the south-west direction of your house. The locker should open towards the north direction. The north direction is of Kuber and so if your locker opens towards the north, then it will attract more wealth in it.

5. Chanting Kuber Matra:-

Every morning you should chant the kuber mantra and also face the mantra in your house temple after covering it with the red colored cloth. Every day light a diya in front of it.

6. Never take anything for free:-

If you have the habit of taking things for free, then stop it immediately as this is the biggest deadlock in your financial matters. Always pay for what you buy.

7. Plant a Tulsi Plant:-

For stabilized wealth and prosperity in your house, you should place a tulsi plant in your home. Every evening you should light a diva and then offer your prayers, doing this regularly will help in increasing your wealth.

8. Offer food to cow:-

To curb the financial scarcity, you should offer green grass to cow every Wednesday.

9. Remove all the clutters:-

Your home should be free from any clutters, broken ceramics and utensils and even remove any electronic items which do not work as all this brings negativity in your life.

10. Pray to Goddess Laxmi:-

Offer your praying, light diva and burn essence sticks in front of her idol every day and ask her to bless you and your family with wealth and prosperity.

11. Offer Water to Lord Vishnu:-

On Fridays you should offer water to Lord Vishnu with the conch shell which has the south opening, doing this on every Friday will make Lord Laxmi very happy.

12. Elder lady duty:-

Regularly the elder lady of the house should pour water on the main entrance of the home so that the way is cleared for the wealth to enter the house. This chief lady of the house should always be happy.

13. Recite certain mantras:-

The following are specific mantras which when chanted brings wealth stability to prosperity:-

a. “Shree Sukta” 16 times in one-day

b. “Mahalakshmi astakam” 11 times in one day

c. “Narasimha Lakshmi Karavalamban Stotra,” for those you has debt.

We are sure that after following these astrological tips there will be financial stability and prosperity in your life.