We all have heard from our parents and elder people in our houses to wear a particular colored dress on a particular day but never got a chance to know what is the reason of wearing that particular colored dress on that day. Let’s know the details about this today. Each day is associated to one planet and so the color which is said to be lucky for that day is the color which is dedicated to that planet in the solar system.

It's always favorable for you to wear the associated color of the day as this enhances your reputation and overall seems to create a fortunate day for you.

So let's know the lucky colors for each day and their significance:-


The first working day of the week, Monday belongs to the planet Moon. Moon symbolizes the respect, power, happiness, interest, wealth, sleep and water. The favorable color of this day is white. If you desire to make your Mondays fruitful then try to wear light blue, white, silver and certain light shades clothes.


Mars is the ruler of Tuesday which is associated with property, courage, younger brother, authority and competition. The lucky color are orange or red so if you are facing any problems with these issues then wear the different shades of orange and red and you yourself can notice the differences in the situations .


Wednesday is ruled by Mercury planet. This planet has a firm grip on the logical reasoning, academics, intelligence, maternal uncle and business prospects. It's very good if you can wear the shades of green color clothes on this day.


If you want to enhance your intelligence, wisdom, wealth and thinking abilities, then start wearing yellow colored clothes on Thursdays as this day belongs to Jupiter and this planet gets pleased if you wear the yellow color dress.


Friday is ruled by Venus. This planet signifies the marital relationships, love, wealth, music, home interiors, luxury, movable property, and beauty. So if you can wear white, off-white or pink colored clothes this day there surely your life will be changing gradually for positivity and only for your benefits.


As the name depicts the ruling planet for Saturday is Saturn, better known as Sani. This planet is very vigilant and if you are born with sani dosa then your life will be in real trouble. Saturn rules the diseases, bad karmas, greediness, pain, anger, debts, and cruel actions. It also has control on the foreign trips, dedicated studies, and agricultural business. Please wear the clothes which are dark blue and black in colors. If you are wearing these colored clothes then lord of the day will be pleased and will shower its blessings on you.


Sun is the ruling planet of Sunday. Sun controls the ego, relationship with your dad, glory, honor, health, bravery, and soul. Start wearing clothes of different shades of red, yellow and orange which are the colors of this day. You will be blessed by lord sun and your life will be full of happiness.

We hope that this article has been interesting for the readers and you all will start wearing the particular color clothes on mentioned days to check what changes occur in your life. We wish you good luck and health.