Astrology is a word which is understood by everyone in a different manner but, we all are curious to know what astrology is and how it started, what was the reason to introduce such a science which had answers to all questions regarding our lives, career, marriage, etc. We have experienced that every family abides by the sayings of one particular person and we call that an astrologer. So let's get deep into this science and know about its definition and why does it exist.

Definition of Astrology & How this science came into existence:-

“Astrologia” is the word from which the word astrology is acquired; the meaning of this word is “study of stars.”Astrology is practiced from a decade till today, and it is known as the oldest sciences which exit on our planet.

Astrology is termed as the primitive art and research of the planets and the other heavenly bodies present in the galaxy and it also depicts the impact which these have on individuals.

Babylonians started astrology, and it is also believed that they are the sole inventor of the concept of this incredible science and applied it in their daily lives for the first time. They started to observe the impact of the particular phenomenon on a human being for a stipulated duration. Henceforth they began to prepare specific astrological charts which illustrated and helped them in predicting the recurrence of the particular period in their lives and also told them some remedial measures to curb the problematic period.

In the 4th century B.C. the Babylonian astrology was introduced to the Greeks and then Aristotle after analyzing and researching about the planets and the other heavenly bodies; astrology was declared to be the science. After acknowledged as the science, astrology was accepted by the Romans and the Arabs and gradually this science spread to the whole world. Initially astrology was used in predicting the weather focusing on the agricultural sector.

Soon astrology was started to be applied in forecasting war, natural disaster and other things related to human lives. As this science was gaining popularity, it was used a lot by the kings, and the common people also started relying on it.

Though the technology is in the zenith today still the importance and acceptance of astrology by the infinite number of individuals across the world, have not decreased, and it will never decline as well.

Astrology never claims that any particular event will happen for sure instead it only foretells the assumptions that certain things can happen and also depicts specific remedial measures so that you can be safe from the difficulties which might hamper your happy life.

We all have some or the other issues in our lives and wants its solution instantly, but we only lack the idea that whom to trust and deny. There are many people who claim to be astrologers but they are not, and we have experienced this personally as well. So now your search for a reliable, well knowledgeable astrologer ends here. We have a panel of expert astrologers who are the pioneer in this science and will be more than happy to assist you and guide you so that you live your life comfortably and with happiness.