If you follow Vaastu, then you will surely agree that Vaastu is essential in our lives as it brings prosperity and well being. Each vaastu tip possesses a scientific approach, and henceforth it is acceptable by all. So let's know about specific tips which will for sure upgrade your life and health by bring lots of good luck.

1. Its mandatory to have a pooja room in our house and we all are aware that northeast is the appropriate direction for it. But there is always confusion that whether the idols should face this direction or the person doing prayers. So the answer to it is, the person doing prayers should face this direction.

2. If you desire to bring good luck, then you have to light the lamp every evening near the water containers in your house.

3. To invite wealth, prosperity and success you should put all the painting consisting of water on the wall of North or East direction.

4. Keep in mind that your main gate should always open inward so that the flow of energy is always inside your house. Always grease your doors if their hinges make noise.

5. If there is any beam in your house, then avoid placing the bed under it as it will bring ill health to the person sleeping under it.

6. If there are more than four corners in the ceilings of the room then place small sized pyramids or flutes of bamboo to curb the negative effects.

7. Always keep the northeast direction closed and the entire space of this direction should be light in weight. All the heavy furniture or items should be placed in the south-west direction of the house.

8. Another important concern is toilet –its direction. You have to place the seat of your toilet facing the north-south direction and always remember to close the lid once you are not using it.

9. Place your beds and admirals in the proximity to the wall of south-west direction and these should be placed at a distance from the walls of northeast direction.

10. To possess good health always drink water by facing north-east or the east direction.

11. To attract lots of prosperity and wealth, you should fix a big mirror on the walls of the north-east or north of the dining room.

12. It is auspicious to face south while you are sleeping in the south-west corner of your house.

13. Never put any wars or violence depicting paintings or photographs in your house as these will only invite negative energies in your house.

14. For success and fame, you have to place the red lamp or fix a red light in the south direction of your house.

15. To enhance bonding in the relationship you should place family or couple photographs in the south-west direction.

16. To achieve success in examination, it’s very good if your children can face north direction.

17. If there is any family member you want to get married then that person should stay in the north-west direction of the house.

To consult any more issues about the Vaastu then kindly consult the PanditJi from your city.