Every one of us has become so much busy in our lives that we have no time to sit and perform puja Archana as well. Honestly how many of us even know what is right and wrong while performing a puja in our house or office. Gone are the days when there were local panditji who used to visit our house and monthly and advised us what should be done and which puja is best for our betterment.

In the internet world, all of us rely on our internet connection to find anything which we desire to find, panditji finding was difficult to find online but today you can easily find online panditji for puja in Gurgaon or in any other place you reside in. there are many such companies which will offer you the information about online panditji booking services in Gurgaon but you have to be smart enough to find out the reliable and authentic company and then only appoint the purohit for pooja in Gurgaon.

So now let us know in details about the Griha Pravesh Puja.

How many of us even are aware of the first mantra which is chanted while performing the griha Pravesh puja or what we called as the housewarming ceremony? Why is this puja compulsory? What should be done to perform it perfectly? From where you can find out the learned Panditji who can perform this puja perfectly?

There is a requirement of this griha Pravesh puja when you are entering your house after a long time or even after a renovation, it is done to purify the environment and protect your house from the evil eye.

This puja can be done in various variants- Simple, Regular or even Grand ceremony. We will be discussing in details about the premium type of Griha Pravesh Puja. The following are the rituals.

1. Dwar or Gate puja is performed to please the deities so that they will protect the evil or negative energies from entering your house.

2. GaU Puja is performed by all the ladies of the house, and the cow is worshipped as all the goddess and gods reside in it. This puja is done in the kitchen.

3. Ganapati puja is done so that your new house is lucky for you.

4. Once these are done, certain more pujas are performed such as Matrika Puja, Kuldevi Devta Puja, Varun Puja, Kshethral Puja and Navagraha Puja to please the god.

5. Vaastu Puja is done to remove all the dosas which may occur due to incorrect Vaastu of the house.

6. Satyanarayana Puja is done to please the Lord Narayan

7. Pitru Puja is done by performing certain types of havans- navagraha havan, Laksmi- kuber havan, Ganapati havan, Divya vastu havan to please the ancestors of the owner of the house. The puja finally ends with the Purnahuti, Prasad Vitran, and Mahamangal aarti.

All these pujas should be done by the learned Pandit and the time required to perform this puja requires 3- 4 hours and lots of ingredients are required to perform this puja.

Now the issue is that who have so much time to find out the right panditji and collect and buy all the required ingredients to perform this puja successfully. This is the reason why there is a requirement of online panditji in Gurgaon or in the area you reside in.

Gurgaon is a hub for professionals, and the office goers don’t have so much time and knowledge to find the best panditji and gather the ingredients on time by hopping around the city. This need of good and experienced panditji has given birth to the online panditji booking services in Gurgaon, you only have to log into the site and book your puja and the rest work is well catered by the officials of these services providers. The perfect muharat for the puja, collecting all the ingredients, and arranging the panditji on time with all the ingredients is done by these services providers,

You only have to relax and be a part of the puja ceremony and pray for your betterment from your almighty.