You might a confused that how can Vaastu helps your child in improving his studies or level of concentration so for better understanding this blog let us first know what Vaastu is. In simple words, Vaastu is that science of structures through which positive energies are enhanced and formed surrounding us. The parity between the positive and negative energies is also done through this science.

Through vaastu, we can provide our children the structure which will help them to enhance their concentration level and memory to do better in their studies.

The following are certain tips prescribed by the vasstu experts if followed undoubtedly provide the best results:-

1. Shape of the study table:-

Always put round, square or circle shaped study table and never have those different shaped tables as the latter type of tables only makes your child confused, and their concentration level can be dismantled. The corners of the table should not be rough or cut.

2. Direction to face:-

North is the direction best for studies, so face this direction while you are studying. This direction imparts concentration and energy. Never block this direction instead place a mirror in this direction to multiply its effects.

3. Solid backing:-

This point means that while your child is studying see that his back is a wall and there should not be any window, door or openings as this will make your child unstable and there will be the problem in concentrating as well.

4. Free flow of energy:-

Provide the free flow of energy which means at the time of studying the table should not be placed in front of any cupboard or wall as this will restrict the flow of the energy and it will only create negative energies and will hamper your studies.

5. No clutter:-

The study area should always be clean. So always make a habit of removing all the clutter from this area, which means you should remove the non-working stationeries, old emails, etc.

6. Favorable Colors:-

Light yellow and violet color is very good for concentration and memory enhancement.

These two colors play a significant role in yellow color is concentrated for the lower emotions and the violet color focus on the higher emotions which are the indicators of spiritual, calmness of mind, good character, etc. this color also eradicates the problems of concentration and provides us the calm inside us which makes us peaceful at difficult situation as well.

If anyone in your house is planning for higher education, then you should look whether a north-west portion is higher and heavier than the south-east corner or not because if the former is not heavier than there will be problems in higher education.

7. Appreciation required:-

You always should appreciate your qualities, achievements, and talents. Practice to say positive phrases to yourself while sleeping, and this will work like magic for you as you will get up every morning with a new set of positive energy.

8. Relax and study:-

If you feel that you need a break take a break and do whatever you want to do. Never take the extra burden on your head as this will only make you uncomfortable, and after doing so much on the vaastu grounds still, the results will not be fruitful.

9. Positively starts your day:-

Inculcate a habit of seeing your palms once you open your eyes in the morning, this act is considered to be very auspicious and will make you active, energized, positive and stable throughout the day. It is also supposed to bring good luck to you as well.