Durga Puja, the most important and celebrated with lots of happiness and excitement. You can easily enjoy hassle-free Durga Puja at your home by knowing about all the rules and the rituals which has to be followed while performing the puja, and the best source to grab this information is through the internet. Doing this puja, the family members are benefitted and good luck is showered to them through the blessings of Durga Ma.

Durga Puja is one of the most popular Indian festivals through which Maa Durga is worshipped with lots of enthusiasm and energy.

While celebrating this puja at your home, you get a chance to mingle with your family and friends and enjoy to the core which relives you from all the tensions and your mind and soul becomes pure. You also become acquainted with the traditional rituals and customs which are very good and also beneficial for you. In Ashwin month, Durga Puja is celebrated and so this month is considered very auspicious.

Why is Durga Puja celebrated?

One of the reasons why Durga Puja is celebrated is that Lord Rama started offering puja and did lots of meditation to gain the power to won over King Ravana. This is very different from the Durga Puja which we relate with Dussehra. So this Durga Puja is called Akal-Bodhan, here, Akal means out-of-season and bodhran mean to worship. It is also said that Lord Rama has offered the prayers to the Goddess by lightning 108 lamps and offering 108 blue lotuses.

Another myth is that there was a devotee of Lord Brahma, named Mahishasura, who was granted a boon by Lord Brahma after worshipping him a lot. He was granted with a boon that no one can kill him, and this boon turned him proud and he started thinking himself the Supreme Power and started torturing people by spreading terror and killing numerous innocent individuals.

His power was increasing day by day and he started attacking Gods. To end this torture and attacks, Vishnu, Shiv and Brahma with all the deities amalgamated their powers and gave birth to Durga and Goddess Durga has 10 hands with immense power in each hand. She finally killed Mahishasura. So Durga Maa is also called as Mahishasura Mardini.

How to do Durga puja?

Materials Needed:-

  1. Idol or framed photograph of Durga Maa

  2. Clay pot/vessel

  3. Fertile soil

  4. Barley seeds

  5. New red colored cloth

  6. Pot/Kalash

  7. Coconut leaves

  8. Water

  9. Beetal Leaves

  10. Mango leaves

  11. Beetal nuts

  12. Flowers

  13. Ghee

  14. Incense Sticks

  15. Moli/red colored puja thread

  16. Pooja asan

  17. Raw rice

  18. Camphor

  19. Sugar

  20. Fruits

  21. Puja thali

  22. Roli

  23. Kumkum

  24. Haldi

  25. Bell

  26. Diya

  27. Wicks

  28. Kuttu ata

  29. Gehu Aata

  30. Potatoes.

You can either buy them from online or from any grocery shop.

The following are the Steps by step description of the methodology of offering prayers to Goddess Durga

Step1: Take a bath properly and then clean the place where you want to do the puja.

Step2: Put the pooja chowki/asan and then place the idol or the picture of Durga Maa on it. Put all the other puja items around it.

Step3: Put the clay pot near to the pooja chowki and add soil and sprinkle some water in it.

Step4: Slowly sow the barley seeds in it.

Step5: Keep in mind that the Ghat sthapana should be done at the correct time. You can know about it from the panchang.

Step6: Place the Kalash in the front of the idol and lit the incense sticks.

Step7: Decorate the idol with the fresh flowers and lit the diya

Step8: start offering prayer to the Goddess after thing more to her idol.

Step9: Offer the Prasad to the Goddess and once you complete doing the puja, distribute the Prasad to your family and friends.

Step10: If you want you can also give gifts as the token of respect to the elders and token of love to the young ones.