Diwali or Laxmi Puja is one of the most auspicious days in the Hindu religion. On this day it is said that goddess Laxmi and Lord Vishnu visits their devotees and shower wealth on them, so to please and welcome the Almighty their devotees decorate their houses with flowers and divas. They even make numerous sweets and tasty dishes and offer them to Goddess Laxmi. This piece of information is common to all of us, but do you think it’s enough to know this much and offer your dishes to Goddess Laxmi, rather you should do puja Archana as well as on this day it's very fortunate to follow our traditional rituals. For this, it’s necessary that you call some learned panditji or purohit. If you are staying away from home and don’t know any learned panditji then you can book online panditji in Delhi through our website.

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Now let us know the procedure of Diwali puja as its good to have knowledge about it irrespective of the fact whether you are doing so or Book online pandit Ji in Delhi

Laxmi Ji loves and admires clean houses, so every devotee cleans their houses at their best capabilities. The broom is worshipped with turmeric and sindoor powered. Along with it Ganesha Ji and Kubera Ji are also worshipped. Laxmi Ji is worshiped in all the three forms- Mahalaxmi Ji, Mahasaraswati Ji, and Makah Kali Ji.

The following are the steps followed to perform Diwali puja:-

1. The puja area should be cleaned with Ganga Jal, before commencing the puja.

2. Place a red cloth on the puja stool and in the center place the Kalash in which you have to add a coin, one supari, rice and marigold flower. You also have to keep five mango leaves as this will be put on the Kalash once, Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesh are placed on the Kalash. Now it’s time to decorate and arrange the puja thali, put some rice on a heap and then draw a swastika and place Laxmi Ji idol on it.

The idol of Ganesh should be placed on the south-west direction as it said that you have to do some puja Archana to evoke Lord Ganesha, you have to put the idol after putting haldi-kumkum tilak and putting some rice on the Lord’s feet.

Now light the puja thali with a beautiful Diya by putting some rice, kumkum, and some flowers. You also have to put a glass of water beside the Kalash as this water will be required later in the puja. You have to Tilak the Kalash and the glass of water and also offer some flowers as well.

If you are well versed with the mantras of Laxmi Maa then close your eyes keep some flowers and rice in your hand and start chanting them with full devotion after bowing down in front of her. If you are not aware of the mantra it's better that you avail online pandit booking services in Delhi-NCR.

This whole process is done to invoke the goddess, so once it's done you have to place the Laxmi Ji idol on the plate and bathe her with water and pachamrit and again with water. Clean the idol and place it on the Kalash and offer some flowers and bel. Light some incense sticks.

Now the Laxmi Ji has to be offered sweets. Place a coconut in front of her and also put a supari on a supari leaf with decorating it with kumkum, haldi powder, rice grains, and flowers. Now the puja has to be summoned with a Laxmi Ji arti where all the devotees should stand up, fold their hands and close their eyes and devotionally offer their prayers to Goddess Laxmi Ji.

Once the puja is over, it’s time to burn the crackers with family and friends. But it’s best to take care and be careful at the time of burning crackers.

Hope this article helped the readers to avail of the procedure of Diwali celebration.